Written I

I was searching you eyes in the crowd, but I did not find and I moved on. I waited you to say apologize, at least to feel sorry, but I hurted myself believing that the time was passing and you were improving. Now, you search for my eyes in the face of every woman. I do not need to know that, because deep in your heart, you know it is true, and I know either. Now, you tell everyday to yourself that I mean nothing more, you can say anything, but sometime, truth will come. Time always do.

My kindness, my joy, my faith, my warmth it is in me and not in anyone else. Do not you forget about me, do not dare, because you will not. Enjoy life as much as you can, trying to let it go, and let us go with it, but do not forget that life will not give to you someone seem as me. Not even close.

Search. Search how many times you need to, but dear, I do not come twice.

I am everywhere with you. I am in your apartment. I am in your kitchen making food. I am in your new colorful plates, that matches with the bottle of milk. I am in your bathroom taking shower. I am in your bed waking up in a sunday morning. I am in your car singing all the type of music. I am in a shop buying us breakfast. I am with your family, laughing. I am.

So you can think time and circumstances lead us to this, right here and right now, but you never wanted change your way to do whatever you want, but I did. Think that you shut me down either, but I changed for both of us. Blame me, if you feel comfortable with it. I am not sorry anymore.


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